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2 Pack Dr. Paul's Piggy Paste Gel 2 .8oz Tubes

This is a 2 pack.

Included is 2 .8oz tubes which is enough gel for two nails for 3 months each.

Piggy Paste Gel 

Piggy Paste is a safe, effective treatment for thick, yellow, fungal nails. It can be used for finger nails or toe nails. Its two main ingredients are white vinegar and thymol, so it is much safer than the prescription treatments which can damage your liver. Each .8oz tube is a full three month supply for one nail. We reccomend that you use the product the full three months for best results.

Easy Application 

Applying Piggy Paste is a simple process. 

  1. Clean the nail and surrounding area.
  2. Rub a pea sized amount of gel to the cuticle around the nail.
  3. Cover with a bandage for at least 2 hours.

 Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you aren't happy with the results from Piggy Paste, let us know and we will refund your money.

Visit our FAQ for more answers to your questions.

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