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Frequently Asked Questions

Product Questions

The Things You Want To Know

Does Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste® really work in improving toenail appearance damaged by fungus?

Will Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste® change the appearance of my existing toenails?

How quickly will my fungal toenail appearance improve after using Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste®?

Does Piggy Paste cure toenail fungus?

How long should Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste® be used?

If the top half of the nail has the fungus problem, why place Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste® at the base of the toenail near the cuticle?

Can Piggy Paste be used on finger nails damaged by fungus?

Can nail polish be worn while I am using Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste®?

Does the 0.8oz tube really have a three month daily supply in it?

Does Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste® have any side effects?

What if redness occurs under the sticky part of the bandage?

Why do I have to use bandages when applying Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste®?

Can I leaving the bandages on all night?

Can I use Dr. Paul’s Piggy Paste® if I have an ingrown toenail?

Isn’t the common home remedy using vinegar soaks an effective way to improve the appearance of thick, discolored toenails caused by toenail fungus?

How does Piggy Paste compare to Kerasal Nail?


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