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"Really Does Work"

After trying prescription remedies, nail removal, and other methods suggested by our family doctor, we finally looked to this. While it could irritate the skin around the nail if you have sensitivities, the simplicity of applying this paste to the nail, wrapping it with a bandaid and forgetting about it for the day made it easy for my husband to use regularly. Finally, clear nails.

- K. Grifee -

"This Product Is Fantastic!"

This product is fantastic! I tried every drug store product, home remedy and Jublia the ridiculously over priced prescription medicine ($600 per 3 month treatment) and nothing worked. I tried Piggy Paste and within a week saw noticeable improvement in my nail. Am on second of three months of treatment plan and my nail looks so much healthier and is obviously healing. I am so grateful for this marvelous product and would recommend it to anyone who has nail fungus problem!! And it is so inexpensive! Great! Thank you Dr. Paul.

- P. Dortch DDS -


This is the only product that actually gets rid of fungus. Use as directed and be patient. I will always keep this product on hand.

- R. Tarantolo -

 "Dr. Paul's Piggy Paste Is The Best"

Tried many others and this is absolutely the BEST product to cure toe nail fungus. No doctor visit and no expensive prescriptions. Used daily and achieved results! Now I can wear sandals at spring break :)

- A. Keller -

 "This Stuff Is Great!"

This stuff is great! I have been using it for several weeks and it is working! The only thing I have found that works

- B. Haynes -

 "Best Stuff So Far"

Its a little early but so far I cant believe it. My toenais are 2/3rds clear after 2 weeks! Cant wait for the 12th week!

- J. Keele -

 "Plain and simple, this stuff works!"

After many years and countless dollars spent on what should be a simple thing to correct, I finally discovered Piggy Paste! All I can say is worked!! I cannot even believe in today's seemingly miracle cure world, that people are spending thousands of dollars with no positive outcomes when it comes to clearing up toenail fungus. I only wish I would have discovered it sooner! I am back to wearing open toed shoes with confidence again and my self-esteem is back! Thank you Dr. Paul wherever you are as you have changed my life. I feel great again!!

- M. Shoopman -

"It Works!"

Hooray! After 13 years of trying everything under the sun, Piggy Paste is starting to work. I put it on every evening, cover it with a bandaid and leave it on until I shower the next evening. My nail technician also commented that the fungus was being reduced. This is not an instant overnight fix, I have been using it for two months. But, I did see results earlier than expected.
If you are struggling with this issue, do yourself a Big Favor and order a tube of Piggy Paste. I am telling everyone I know about my story.

- T. Wilson -