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Check Out This Brochure

January 11, 2019 1 Comment

Check out this cool Tri-fold brochure that Dr. Paul and his team put together back in 2011.

We’re honored to continue his legacy.

Piggy Paste Brochure page 1Piggy Paste Brochure page 2

1 Response

Deborah Twardoski
Deborah Twardoski

May 03, 2019

I had great success using Piggy Paste several years ago. I still use it occasionally to keep nail fungus from returning to one stubborn nail. I did experience skin irritation around the nail from using the paste, but found an easy and inexpensive way around that. I used a Q-tip and Carmex lip balm to spread a thin layer to the skin at the base and sides of the nail – wherever the paste might come in contact with the skin. Then I’d apply the paste to the nail and follow up with a band-aid, per the instructions. This was just enough to protect the skin, but allow the paste to do its job.

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